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The creation of the portal begins with the union of 3 promoters, who detected the need to create a global platform that would give visibility to food trucks.

As connoisseurs of the world food truck and the difficulties involved in this format of restoration in the day to day, we know the importance of having a digital presence and that customers and event organizers can meet and contact the food truckers quickly , Simple and effective and that is why we created «The food trucks browser».




Several years of travel in Spain have allowed us to become the reference of the food truck movement, participating and collaborating in numerous articles of press, television, radio, books and helping the advance and consolidation of the street food sector in the country.

Millions of page views and thousands of requests for food trucks processed, where private companies, event organizers, town halls or private individuals have used the Booking Center, to find food trucks and hire them for their events are a clear example of this.


Our mission

Together with a team of experts in web development, digital content, positioning, marketing and social media, we facilitate the interaction between the client and the food trucks, without commissions or intermediaries, showing the files of these, with all kinds of details, description , Images, opinions and valuation, so that the election is at a click.



After our successful format in Spain, we opened borders and became internationally the world’s largest browser of food trucks, with presence in many countries.



We continue to improve and continually evolve the platform, offering the best version of Street Food and being able to count on the presence of food trucks, in all kinds of events and scenarios.


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